Prime Park Sessions Stubai Glacier Austria

What is Prime Park sessions and my role there?

Prime Park is one of the worlds leading high performance training camps located in Austria. Early / pre European snow season this camp is created by the master minds from Legs of Steel to give a high quality training facility for athletes at the top of the ski and snowboard freestyle competitive circuit. A place to train and perfect their skills ready for the upcoming winter circuit and create content to kick start the upcoming winter season. Every year this camp produces multiple worlds first tricks in the specific category of slope style riding, more specifically big air.

My role consists of creating video content for the athletes to use for social media, advertising and training evaluation. I work with a small dedicated team using our experience from filming in the snow industry to create thrilling and captivating images over a extremely intense training session daily. This job involve a strict eye on the action, clear communication with our team on what is going down and fast reactions with the consistant results. We can't miss a beat or that one time the athletes training has all come to fruition that moment cant be missed. It's intense and rewarding to be involved with the world's best, capturing them pushing their limits and skills to see what can be achevied on skis or a snowboard. Often this acrabatical monuvers have never been done before and are a part of the progression of the sport and how it is judged from that moment on.

Check out some highlight from this years sessions so far, the engagement of some shots were off the charts, especially Ian Matteoli's worlds first 2160 that went viral, well over 1 Million views! Side angle by yours truly.

The set up Image, pic @syovanvliet
World class setup, pic @Syovanvliet